What are Akea Essentials?

Akea Essentials provides the only convenient, natural, organic, whole foods -- together in one product -- that are 100% synthetic free, made from the world's most nutritional Superfoods consumed by people who live in the healthiest places on earth -- the world's Longevity Hot Spots.

The added benefits of Fermentation, with over 3,000,000,000 Probiotics and live enzymes, make it the easiest, most bio-available way to supplement your daily nutrition with a complex nutritional matrix of a wide variety of powerful vegetables and fruits, herbs, ancient grains, and cultured minerals. Consuming all these fermented foods daily helps build friendly flora in your gut, which allow you to balance your internal eco-system, to optimally assimilate the nutritional value from all the foods you eat.

For more details about the value of Fermented Foods to human health, see:

Journal of Applied Microbiology: Probiotics and Their Fermented Food Products are Beneficial for Health

Brief: 12 Benefits of Fermentation

Akea on Fermented Foods

Organic living

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