About Us

Organics For Free was started April 25, 2013 by an engaged couple: Tracy "T" Bergenn and Edgar Hernandez. We have a passion for the holistic lifestyle, learned from studying the diet and lifestyles of healthy, happy, long-lived elders in Longevity Hot Spots worldwide. What's different here in the U.S? Short life spans, and a high rate of cancer & chronic illness, particularly autoimmune illness. GUT HEALTH is what we discovered to be the most important foundation for overall health. We are deeply concerned about the many deleterious effects of dietary GMO's (genetically modified organisms) on ALL people's GUT HEALTH, so we vigorously promote organics, superfoods and fermented foods.

But a PROBLEM often emerges as we share: While consciousness is rising and "Organics" is now the #1 item sought by consumers, we often hear people say they CANNOT AFFORD to eat all organics and lots of superfoods daily. And fermented foods like raw sauerkraut and kombucha can be inconvenient to make, expensive to buy, and not universally considered tasty.

So we created for everyone who wants (or needs) to economize... an AFFORDABLE WAY to ACCESS the very best whole, organic, superfoods - all fermented, with 3 billion live probiotics to optimize their bio-availability.

Many people we know (including ourselves!) no longer need ANY other supplementation once they are using ours daily = ADDITIONAL COST SAVINGS!

OUR GOAL: Help everyone achieve optimal overall health and wellbeing, with no barriers for those of limited means. We provide a CONVENIENT, CONSISTENT and QUITE PLEASANT way for anyone to consume 36 organic, fermented superfoods EVERY DAY.

We love hearing from our customers. You can use our contact page to get in touch with us, or you can find our individual contact info below. If you have anything to say to us, good or bad, we're all ears.

Edgar Hernandez is an ever creative innovator and diligent designer with an engaging, humble, quick sense of humor. He has 5 gorgeous daughters, 2 artistic sons, and 4 playful grandchildren, all of whom love his cooking. He loves "minimalist" barefoot-running & woodworking, and enjoys instructing people in Latin dance.

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Phone: 408-313-6419
Email: Edgar@OrganicsForFree.com

Tracy Bergenn, "T.", is a conscientious, holistic, longevity advisor, with a background in Spanish Medical Interpreting. As President of the full-service longevity company "Power Source Unlimited", she helps people with Wellness: from Nutrition and "Life Purpose", to Dating & Communications. She provides practical and emotional support to develop healthy patterns.

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Phone: 510-292-9976
Email: T@OrganicsForFree.com